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The company was initially built for a production of meat products of approximately 6 tons per day. At the end of 1993, the production made was of seven tons and at the end of 1994, of eleven tons. By optimizing the technological flow and through the completion of the investment, at the end of 2004 a production of 30 tons per day could be attained. The factory produces pork, beef, chicken and mutton products. The improved recipes are mostly traditional, but also international for the big specific restaurants, embassies.

The factory of raw-dry products is situated in Sinaia. The first registrations were made since 1920.
Production Salsi Sinaia factory is the oldest raw-dry sausage factory in Romania, being know even before 1989, especially for the exported products, the Sibiu salami having an international reputation. As well as the factory in Buftea, it is one of the first companies in the Classification of private companies in Romania.
Certifications/Projects Through the completion of Sapard program, the updating and modernization of the factory was accomplished in order to comply with the EU standards. Products The main characteristic of the raw-dry range of products is the conservation of the traditional production method, ennobled by the name of Sibiu salami.

Mereni dairy factory is the newest achievement of Angst group. Using also the Swiss experience in the field, we prove the same professionalism and we follow the same excellence principles. Using the Swiss experience, we introduced on the market a basic range of dairy products, following to enrich our range of products as a result of the studies and according to the taste and requirements of our customers.
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