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The object of activity
Set up pursuant to Law 30/1990, on the trading companies and to Law 35/1990 on the participation of foreign investors, the company has as objects of activity the production and processing of meat as well as the marketing of foodstuff. The company was set up in October 1990 and in September 1991 it operates in a location in Buftea Ilfov County, 289 Bucuresti-Targoviste Roadway 298. It is a Romanian-Swiss investment, the Swiss party being represented by Mr. Urs Angst and the Romanian party by Mr. Sorin Dumitru Minea.

The statute of the trading company

The statute of the company is legally registered and governs:

  • the name, the legal form, the registered office and duration of the society;
  • the company's object of activity;
  • the joint stock and the shares;
  • the attributions and competences of the Shareholders Meeting;
  • the control of the company's activity;
  • the modification of the legal form, the company's dissolution, the litigations settlement.
The statute brings clarifications and details regarding all listed fields.


Annually, due to the obtained results, Angst Ro factory is recognized in the Classification of private companies in Romania, always being among the first contestants. The factory holds, according to norms and standards in the field, the certifications of the competent organizations.



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