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  How can you obtain a card ?
When you pay at least 50 lei on a single bill for your shopping you will automatically receive the registration form and the participation regulation. The form legibly filled in with real data and signed can be given to the cashier at any of the ANGST stores. A Angst Club Card will be issued and sent shortly at your address.

Cumulate fidelity points for choosing presents
Buying from Angst stores you cumulate points (1 point = 1 Leu) that you can use for purchasing ANGST presents. The client which during shopping doesn't have the card can't cumulate points.

The use of Angst Club Card

To cumulate points you have to say before making the bill that you own a fidelity card. After the shopping the points are registered in your account within 48 hours from the date of the shopping. When you cumulated the points afferent to the present you can ask for it at any of the Angst stores.
For the prizes the value of which exceeds 1300 points, an application shall be submitted at the Angst shop you prefer, following to pick them up in maximum 15 days, within the limit of the available stock, from the store where the application has been submitted. The prizes the value of which doesn’t exceed 1300 points may be obtained on the ground, within the limit of the available stock. When choosing the present, the points afferent to this one will be withdrawn from the account of the participant. When filling out the application, as well as when picking up the prize, you must have your Angst fidelity card and also the identity card.

Lost or stolen cards
If your card got lost or was stolen, you must immediately notify this at the closest Angst store. Once with the notification you must transmit the name, address and other data for issuing a new card. During the period of card substitution the accumulation of points or changing them into presents is not possible. The receipt of the new card will take place in at least 21 working days.

The suspension of the fidelity program
Angst reserve its right to whenever decide the suspension or the modification of the program (products, number of points, the period of the campaign etc). The notification will be made at least 14 days before in all Angst stores. By signing the registration form, the participant agrees upon the use of its data by Angst in statistical purposes. The processing of personal data is made in compliance with the rights of the concerned person according to art. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 18 from Law No 677/2001 and assuring the security of the personal data processing, according to Operator No 146/2005 assigned by the People's Advocate. Angst doesn't take any responsibility for the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the forms.

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