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This is the official website of SC Angst Ro SRL. The conditions of use exclusively refer to the website If you do not agree with the conditions of use of the website and personal data by Angst Ro, we ask you not to use this site.
The access to this site as well as its use is allowed only in accordance with the below terms and conditions and the Romanian law.

The rights to intellectual property

All materials posted or provided on Angst's site are protected by the copyright. The use of one ore more elements from Angst's site, their sale, transfer, modification, copying, transmission, distribution, display, reproduction, publishing or use in any public or commercial purpose, without the prior and expressly written consent of Angst, is prohibited. The content of this site, the texts, the design, the software, the logos and any other materials present on the site are protected by the copyright law and its violation triggers the penal, civil or any other sanctions provided by the law in force. Angst can modify, suspend or interrupt the site's operation at any moment, including the availability of any function, database or content. Angst may also set certain limits over the functions or services or it may restrict your access to Angst's site or to parts hereof, without prior notification and without taking the responsibility in this matter. By these terms and conditions you are not authorized to use any of the trademarks or elements protected by copyright from the site


You are aware of and agree upon the fact that the site and any software used in relation with its services contain private information and are covered by the copyright and protected by the legislation on the right to intellectual, industrial property and other applicable legislation. Any element from the advertising campaigns or promotions or other information available on the site are protected by the copyrights, the trademarks rights or the rights to services, patents or other property rights or laws. You agree not to modify, lease, assign, borrow, sell, distribute or create derived materials based on the services or programs used within the site, unless otherwise provided expressly by S.C. Angst Ro or by the companies which develop advertising campaigns on the site. By accepting the terms for the use of the site you declare that you are aware of the conditions presented hereof and you agree with the processing and introduction of your personal data by SC Angst Romania in a database, which represents its property, and used for statistic and direct marketing purposes, in its own interest . If you do not agree with these rules we ask you not to use in any way the services or the content of the website at the address

Any violation of these rules can be notified at the e-mail address

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